People voice their thoughts about an Illinois bill to eliminate Daylight Saving Time changes in Illinois

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ROCKFORD (WREX) —  An Illinois bill which would eliminate Daylight Saving Time changes in Illinois is heading to the state Senate next week. Those in the Rockford area voice their thoughts about Daylight Saving Time.

The day seems shorter and the night seems longer. Some people are not getting used to the end of Daylight Saving Time.

“I actually hate it. I’m a teacher and so I leave school at about 4:30 p.m. and by the time I’m walking out, it’s dark. And then I come home and I feel like I’m ready for bed,” said Bryon resident Maggie Morehead.
But Senate Bill 533 could change that for our state. It’s proposing to eliminate changing times and maintaining Daylight Saving Time year-round starting the second Sunday of March 2020. Something some people can get on board with and others don’t mind.
“I think it has to do with your mentality, but with anything you will adjust,” said Rockford Resident Diana Simkus.
For Morehead, adjusting to the hour change is difficult to do twice a year.
“It just messes up our whole routine and how we live our lives,” said Morehead.
For others, eliminating time changes would allow more time to enjoy the outdoors.
“I personally would definitely want that. That would be great. That would be more time outdoors whether that be biking or fishing or walking along the recreational paths and I think a lot of people like myself would enjoy that opportunity too,” said Rockford Park District Superintendent of Operations Laurie Anderson.
Daylight hours is something some people appreciate when commuting to and from home.
“I do take the bus a lot so at night it’s a little bit more dangerous out and I do feel a little bit more protected when it’s daylight out verses dark and it’s also easier for the buses to see you during the daytime verses night,” said Rockford resident Chris Phillips.
The current Daylight Saving Time which runs March through November has been in place since 2007. While the decision to eliminate it ultimately lies with the state, those in our area say turning their clocks is still an adjustment.


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