Keeping the memories of Maggie and Amos Rosko shining bright

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OREGON, Ill. (WREX) — Dozens of candles lit up the Ogle County Court House in honor of a mother and son.

On Saturday, people remembered the lives of Maggie Rosko and her son Amos through candles, pictures and stories.

“And you know every time we come and we start talking to people we learn something new every time. Somebody will throw a memory out you’re like ‘Oh my gosh! That was so Maggie or so Amos’ and it’s really good for us to hear that because it helps us kinda keep them alive,” said Maggie’s former co-worker and member of The Maggie and Amos Foundation Megan Dettman.

Keeping them alive is what family and friends say is their goal. Maggie Rosko and her 3-year-old son Amos were killed three years ago to the day. Maggie’s ex-husband, Duane Meyer, is charged for their murders.

“Justice is going to be served now and just having family and friends surrounding them gotta give them some sort of confidence to go forward at this point,” said Maggie’s cousin Rich Potocki.

But even during times of tragedy, family, friends, neighbors and community members are still keeping their memory alive by remembering the joy they brought to others.

“That’s a testament to the people they were especially Maggie, what a bright light,” said Potocki.

“Amos lit up her life and seeing those images and seeing the joy in their life, it does pass on joy to others,” said Maggie’s former co-worker and member of The Maggie and Amos Foundation Lynn Kalnins.

Friends say Maggie loved being a teacher. She easily made friends and when she did, they were friends for life. Friends say Maggie had a powerful love for her son, Amos.

“He would go ‘Mama” and he would run right to her classroom and she would scoop him up and just her eyes would be so bright and she would always have you know just the biggest hug for him,” said Kalnins.

“It’s great that everybody has got this memory and they got together to keep her and Amos alive at the end of the day. It’s wonderful. It’s overwhelming to tell you the truth,” said Potocki.

Finding light in the darkness and forever keeping that light shining bright.

A foundation was created in honor of the mother and son called the Maggie and Amos Foundation. The goal is to provide scholarships and grants to future educators and schools.



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