Teachers strike following no new deal at Mendota School District 289

MENDOTA, Ill. (WREX) — Teachers are now on strike and classes are canceled in Mendota after the teachers union and school district failed to reach a new contract agreement.

The school district the announcement about school being canceled on their Facebook page.

Mendota School District 289 says there won’t be school until the district and the teachers union can come to agreement on a new deal. The cancellation also includes all activities, practices and school related events.

The Illinois Education Association confirmed the elementary school teachers went on strike Wednesday morning following Tuesday night’s board meeting, where an agreement on a new deal could not be reached.

The Mendota Education Association agreed to the terms of year one but rejected a single-year agreement and pressed for a three-year contract.

The Mendota Elementary School posted on Facebook saying they’ll be willing to meet over the course of the strike and they hope a resolution is made quickly.

Below is the full statement listed by the school district and the teachers regarding the strike.

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