Chicago schools strike jeopardizes high school playoffs for some teams

CHICAGO (WREX) — Chicago’s public schools have canceled classes after the teachers’ union president announced that his bargaining team will recommend teachers vote to go on strike.

The threat to strike puts at risk the high school football playoffs for several CPS schools.

In response, the Chicago Tribune is reporting CPS has rescheduled some high school football games in an effort to preserve playoff chances should the strike actually happen.

However, the Tribune reports IHSA’s postseason formula could still leave some teams out of play.

The rules require teams to play at least eight games to qualify for postseason matchups. Six victories mean automatic advancement. But if a team has only won five games, schools can gain extra points based on factors like strength of schedule or them to move on in to postseason play.

“Over the last decade, five-win teams have needed anywhere from 35 to 40 points to qualify for the postseason. Numerous Chicago teams on the postseason bubble have point totals far short of that, meaning they will likely need to play all nine games to get though,” the Tribune reports.

Another obstacle could hamper postseason play as well: Football teams that have not played for seven calendar days (not counting Sundays) cannot play until they have had three days of practice.

The Tribune reports if the CPS strike starts Thursday as planned, it would have to be resolved by the following Thursday for Chicago teams to play the final weekend of the regular season.

“The organization is set to announce the playoff schedule for 256 qualifying teams — 32 in each of the state’s eight classes — the night of Oct. 26. If a strike is still in effect then, IHSA will have to decide whether to allow CPS teams in to the brackets or let others take their place,” the Tribune’s report says.

IHSA’s board will discuss the issue in a meeting Wednesday.

Audrey Moon

Audrey Moon

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