Rockford officials say ‘Camp Hope’ will help lower child committed crime rates

ROCKFORD(WREX)—The City of Rockford says bringing a new camp for kids will help to lower crime rates committed by children.

The camp is called Camp Hope and it gives kids resources and tips for dealing with trauma that is created in the home.

City officials say there is a rise of crimes committed by kids.

“In 2016 and 2017, 75% of our juvenile violent arrest are crossed reference in police reports as either victims of or witnesses of domestic of sexual violence.” said Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Prevention Manager Jennifer Cacciapaglia.

City officials say This exposure in the home is what officials say is the biggest factor for rising numbers.

“Children who experience trauma, specifically trauma in the home from witnessing or experiencing domestic bring that trauma out our streets or into our community,” said Cacciapaglia.

Before bringing the camp to Rockford, city officials want to hire a project manager who can create plans specific to our community.

“They are the next generation of the next generation of violent offenders and until we address that problem with the children, we are never going to be able to address the overall problem of violent crimes,” said Lt. Kurt Whisenand of the Rockford Police Department.

Officials say creating this position is the first step to reducing overall crime in the city.

“Unfortunately the way we now understand the domestic violence problem is in our community is that these children are learning everyday about violence and how violence is a way of life,” said Lt. Whisenand.

City council will vote on the position next week, which is worth a little more than $100,000 per year.

If approved, the city hopes to hire a project manager sometime this fall.

Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker

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