Rockford woman providing feminine care products for women in the community

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ROCKFORD (WREX) — After losing her job, Emily Manisone started looking for something to do while in between work.

“I realized I should be doing something instead of just sitting at home,” Manisone said

Her motivation took her to Facebook, posting a video about Project F.

The mission of the project is to raise money for feminine care products for middle school girls in the Rockford area.

Manisone came up with the idea while trying to find a unique way to give back to the community.

“A lot of people are donating clothes and food to shelters, but nobody is doing feminine care, which can be really expensive at times,” Manisone said.

‘I want them to feel comfortable going into this next stage and I think these packages I am creating could help them.”

Project F began with a donation goal of $500.

However, something happened that Manisone didn’t expect.

Donations began pouring in almost immediately.

As the response got bigger so did the donations.

“Within 6 days, we reached $500. In 9 days we hit $1,000. By the 11th day, we had $1,200.”


In less than three weeks, over $1,600 was raised for Project F.

The success led her to expand her reach to all women in the Rockford area.

With all of the money already raised, Manisone has created hundreds of care packages ready to send out into the community.

“All of the care packages are going to local middle schools and then the rest of the product which we don’t use in the care packages are going to organizations in Rockford,” Manisone said.

Manisone announced those organizations receiving products will include RAASE, MELD and Remedies Renewing Lives.

Esme Arellano, a friend and former coworker of Manisone’s, is amazed by the how much the project has accomplished in such a short amount of time.

“It started off and everyone just started donating. A lot of people were donating hundreds of dollars. It’s pretty amazing,” Arellano said.

“She’s helping out young girls that need help. It’s not easy to buy these products.”

It’s not just support from her friends driving Manisone.

All of the people in the community reaching out about her cause is something she takes pride in.

“Even strangers have messaged me on Facebook saying ‘we need more people like you in the community,'” Manisone said.

“This is a great opportunity to start reaching out to everybody in Rockford and helping. Even if it’s just a little to each organization, it would be great.”


Working on Prjoect F has Manisone thinking back to her childhood and going through puberty.

As she remembers her own transition, she hopes to pass a message of acceptance to all girls starting or currently on that journey into womanhood.

“You should be comfortable in the next stage in your life and you should be comfortable because everyone else is going through the same thing. That’s what this project is for. Making everyone feel comfortable,” said Manisone.

Here’s a list of items Project F is looking for:

Makeup/Ipsy bags, tampons, pads, underwear liners, feminine wipes and mini hand sanitizers.

To donate to Project F, you can contact Emily Manisone on her Facebook page.

She says they will pick up donations anywhere in Rockford.



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