Chicago mayor slams Ivanka Trump’s ‘misleading’ tweets

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot is slamming Ivanka Trump over a series of tweets the president’s daughter sent recently about violence in Chicago.

On Tuesday, Trump sent a pair of tweets, writing, “As we grieve over the evil mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, let us not overlook that Chicago experienced its deadliest weekend of the year.”

She continued writing, “With 7 dead and 52 wounded near a playground in the Windy City- and little national outrage or media coverage- we musn’t become numb to the violence faced by inner city communities everyday.

At a news conference Tueday, Lightfoot called the tweets “misleading” and suggested the first daughter doesn’t really care about the violence.

“It wasn’t a playground, it was a park. It wasn’t seven dead. It wasn’t 52 wounded in one incident, which is what this suggests. And it’s misleading,” Lightfoot said. “It’s important when we’re talking about people’s lives to actually get the facts correct, which one can easily do if you actually cared about getting it right.”

A White House official told CNN on Wednesday that in light of Lightfoot’s accusations, “it remains important to note that there were seven deaths and 52 wounded across the city, resulting in one of the deadliest weekends in the city this year.”

“Her point remains the same: We cannot ignore the gun violence that happens in cities across this country on a daily basis,” the official said, adding that Ivanka Trump “has appreciated getting to know Mayor Lightfoot (and) respects her commitment to addressing this issue.”

Lightfoot talked about the dangers of someone with a large platform and audience getting fundamental facts wrong. She said her focus would continue to be on running the city of Chicago.

“I’m not going to be distracted by nonsense tweets from people who don’t know what they’re talking about,” she added.”



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