New ordinance increases fines for using fireworks in the city of Rockford

ROCKFORD (WREX) — Aldermen voted unanimously on an ordinance to increase the fine for people who use fireworks in the city.

Rockford leaders hope a new rule will stop people from breaking the law.

“If you are fined or cited for a fireworks violation, your fine now can be anywhere from $50  to $750,” said City of Rockford Legal Director Nick Meyers

Alderwoman Karen Hoffman of the 8th ward proposed the ordinance

She says she got the idea after seeing dozens of complaints on the social media app Next Door.

“It started off with people wanting to get some rest to go to work, it then went to animals that could no longer be consoled, then people started getting on here talking about their children and then I had a veteran’s wife say my husband is a Vietnam vet, and he has to go into the basement when you start firing off your fireworks please stop,” said  Ald. Karen Hoffman of the 8th ward.

Even if you’re not the one setting off the fireworks, if it happens on your property, you face the fines.

“If you are allowing your property to essentially be used as a firework display, you can also be cited,” said Meyers.

Things like sparklers and snake or glow worm pellets are not against the law to use.

Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker

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