Rockford Labor Union Hosts Domestic Violence Training

ROCKFORD (WREX) — Local Union leaders met at the Rockford Labor Temple to discuss domestic violence Tuesday evening.

Rockford United Labor, along with the City of Rockford Office on Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking, held domestic violence screening training. The inspiration for the session stemmed from the continued rise of domestic violence cases over the last three years in Rockford. 1/3 of all violent crime is related to domestic violence in the city.

Attendees learned how to spot domestic violence in the workplace, how to encourage employees who are seeking help with domestic violence, and how to help those people find the right resources to best help them with their situation.

Organizers like Jennifer Cacciapaglia, who manages the mayor’s office of domestic violence and human trafficking, hope the training will help people before police and court rooms are needed.

“It’s a huge issue in the city of Rockford, and we want to reach out to every possible group that we can,” said Cacciapaglia. “When we were talking about addressing this issue, we rely too much on the courts and police to do too much too late.”

The Rockford Labor Union plans to host more training sessions like this in the near future.

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