New squad cameras give District 16 troopers extra eyes on the road

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ROCKFORD (WREX) – When Illinois State Police District 16 troopers hit the streets there’s an extra set of eyes watching them. Actually, there are three.

New dashcams that capture two views out the front. The trooper can decide where to put the third camera. Either inside the squad facing the backseat, or in the rear of the squad facing out toward traffic.

“Some of our vehicles are equipped with that camera pointing rearward specifically for the purpose of capturing the drivers maneuvers prior to their approach to the emergency vehicle,” said District 16 Captain Carl Heintz.

Heintz says the cameras pointed inside the squad can capture interactions between troopers and anyone they arrest. A tool that protects troopers from false allegations made by the offender, like a claim of assault by the officer. The cameras are also vital in capturing Scott’s Law violations if people fail to slow down and move over.  The offense can be difficult to prove in court without evidence. An issue that hits close to home for District 16 after the loss of their own, Trooper Brooke Jones story.

“My job as district commander is to care for these men and women who go out,” said Heintz.  “It was a big price to pay, the loss of life. It’s horrible. We’re still coping with it. We don’t want any other families to go through this, any other agencies.”

The cameras also provide troopers with a much easier uploading process. The footage automatically uploads to the server after a trooper returns to headquarters.

Mary Sugden

Mary Sugden

Investigative Reporter

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