Heavy rain pushes back planting for local farmers

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ROCKFORD (WREX) — Some farmers in Winnebago and Boone county are starting from scratch.

“Every farmer is different, but every single farmer is late,” said Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau President and local farmer Richard Beuth.

Heavy rains pushed farmers back on planting corn and soybeans for this year’s farm season.

The USDA crop report says in the state of Illinois, 73% of corn is planted and 43% percent of soybeans is planted.

That’s compared to the usual 100% of corn being planted and the 96% of soybeans being planted.

“A field may look good from the road but if you go over the hill, there may be some bad spots that didn’t grow, got drowned out.” said Beuth.

“The less yield we have, the fewer Bushels we have to sell so it’s going to affect every single farmer, gonna have less bushels to sell this year”said Beuth.

Less to sell means higher cost and numbers are already rising.

“The price of corn has gone up a dollar of bushel” said Beuth.

Another concern for farmers is figuring out what to do with wet land they aren’t able to use now. But  the Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau manager Ann Marie Cain says farmers have some options.

“They still might try to get things planted late. And that may help keep the soil. If they got some kind of cover on it from it being eroded or nutrients depleting.” said Cain.

“If we have a normal summer, hopefully our crops will get mature before the first frost. If it happens to be cold, some of these crops aren’t gonna get mature”

They hope Mother Nature will be on their side so they can still have a successful farming season.

The Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau said farmers will be out more on the roads with their farming equipment. They asked that all motorist drive with caution while on the road with the equipment.

Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker

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