100 year anniversary of the return of Company K

In the blink of an eye, WWI changed one Rockford’s man life forever\

“My grandfather was drafted, part of the selective service, and chose to join Company K” said Paul Dohetry

Company K is a National Guard unit based in Rockford.

This year marks 100 years since Leon Doherty and other members of Company K returned from the war and were discharged.

It’s a milestone Doherty’s grandson says should not be forgotten

“We should recognize the sacrifice any effort they went through.” said Doherty

Leon Doherty was a cook for the unit and is described as hard-working and humble

“He was noble and respectful of authority.” said Doherty.

A type of character that helped him during the hard times of the war.

“Just walking into the village they would occupy for the next 9 days, a shell blew up and killed six of them immediately in the road.” said Doherty

But it wasn’t always bad times during the war

Company K was part of a group of soldiers that helped liberate a small town in France called Dannevoux.

“This was very significant for the occupants so they could come back to their home.” said Doherty

From hardships to helping people, Doherty says the men of Company K never regretted their time during the war

“A man said I’d give you a million dollars not to have experienced this. But i’d give you two million to experience it again.” said Doherty.

An experience people like Doherty are continuing to tell others about.

Leon Doherty received a purple heart award for his service.

Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker

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