Yogis take part in baby goat yoga at Pecatonica farm

PECATONICA (WREX) – It’s a trend that has been sweeping across the nation – baby goat yoga sessions. One local farm hosted its version of the yoga class, allowing people to connect with both the animals and the place they call home.

Yogis joined Greta’s Goats at Short Leg Farm in Pecatonica for some relaxation and joyful release.

“We ended up doing stretches and what not and jumps were jumping on our back and it was wonderful,” said participant Michelle Sollenberger.

Yoga instructor Kim Nemire says that there are benefits from doing yoga with animals.

“Most yoga classes are just yoga which is great, but you don’t have that warmth of a living human being that you can interact with,” said Nemire. “So I think that people really find that people really find that it’s double the joy.”

Greta Winkelbauer, the owner of the farm, says that this is an opportunity to connect people with farmers in their community.

“I think it is really great for people to know their farmer, know where their food is coming from and events like this for where people can come out first hand and see how we raise our animals,” said Winkelbauer.

After all the fun and kidding around, participants were left with a good laugh and a great memory.

The farm plans to have more baby goat yoga sessions up until August. For more information on when the sessions take place, click here.


Nick Landi

Nick Landi

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