Winnebago County Board votes to redefine chairman’s role

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WREX) The head of Winnebago County put up one last fight to change the county board’s decision to strip away some of his power.

“It has to do with voters in this community and what they elected a person to do,” Chairman Frank Haney says. “If we make changes, make them in the future.”

Haney says those voters elected him to lead the county three years ago and that’s what he needs to do. But county board members say they help define his role as chairman. This comes after the board already voted to have the county administrator report to the board rather than the chairman.

Haney asked the board to reconsider that, but members did not. They officially approved the changes Thursday in a 12 to 7 vote.

“This reconsideration I think a nothing more than a cry from the chairman saying please don’t take away my job but we’re not taking away his job, we’re actually giving him more responsibilities and we’re letting him lead on a lot of different charges,” Burt Gerl, D-District 15 says.

Haney said he would not sign off on the board’s decision even though he doesn’t have to for it to go into effect. He says that decision was based on principle.

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