Preschool teacher makes sure parents are in the loop

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MACHESNEY PARK (WREX) – Arlene Torres’ preschoolers at Concordia Lutheran School are learning  about underwater creatures and how to count the days of the month and week.

But the parents of students in Torres’ class already know what their child is learning every day in preschool.

“I try to keep good relationships with the parents too to keep them involved. I do a class Facebook page, so everyday the parents see exactly what we did in our small groups and exactly what we did throughout our day so they can ask the kids guided questions when they get home,” Torres said.

She said she doesn’t want her preschoolers to answer “nothing” or “I don’t know” when parents ask what they did at school. Principal Joel Koehler said her dedication to her students and her job are evident.

“She is always interacting with the parents, keeping the parents updated on everything that’s happening with the child, good and bad, and working with the parents, and with me, to give their child the best education that they can have,” Koehler said.

In class, Torres said she focuses on hands-on activities because it helps the kids remember what they learned.

“A lot of hands-on experience for them, because if they can see it and touch it they will remember it, and I like to use a lot of big words, like hypothesis,” Torres said. “I try not to use little kid words,” she said.

Torres is passionate about her students and making sure they are prepared for the rest of their academic career.

“I just love the kids, I just love being their teacher, and the hugs, and the excitement, and just them wanting to come to school. Preschool is not really about academics, it’s just giving them the opportunity to learn and to love school”

Torres teaches preschool, she is the preschool department head, and she teaches Spanish to the entire school at Concordia Lutheran.

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