Major flooding over on the Pecatonica River

FREEPORT (WREX) – Dry weather, an end to the snow melt, and time have allowed the Pecatonica River to drop to moderate flood state. While flooding will last through the weekend, the impacts are now less than earlier this week.

The river gauge for the Pecatonica River near Shirland dropped to moderate flooding Thursday evening. The river will slowly drop to minor flooding by Sunday evening. A steeper drop to below flood stage is expected through Tuesday evening.

The Pecatonica River around Freeport is also dropping fast. The river has dropped 2 feet since Monday evening, and will fall to minor flood stage by Saturday morning. Flooding may be over by Sunday evening, but the river remains high until Wednesday morning.

Remember, even with major flooding over, we’ll still see wide-ranging impacts. Flooding will continue along the river until the water levels drop below flood stage. Avoid flooded areas for the time being.  Dry weather is helping the river continue its fall. Be ready to take action if additional rises occur.

The Rock River near Machesney Park is still at major flood stage, according to the river gauge at Latham Park. The river, however, is sitting just above the major flood stage cutoff. The water level should drop to moderate flooding by Friday morning. This stretch of the Rock River will take until Monday evening to fall to minor flooding. It will remain at minor flood status throughout next week.

Other areas of the Rock River are improving quicker. The area of the river near Auburn Street will be done with the minor flooding in that area by Saturday evening.

The Rock River near Byron will be down to minor flooding by Saturday evening, and done with flooding by Monday evening. The river in that area will be running high, however, throughout next week.

Finally, the Rock River near Rockton will be down to minor flooding by Monday morning, and finished with flooding by Wednesday morning.

Rain showers are expected to return Sunday. The rain won’t be heavy, but additional amounts may stall the falls in these rivers by a day or so. Also, additional rain showers are possible late next week. With the rivers running high for a while, periods of prolonged or heavy rainfall throughout the spring may push them back up above flood stage again. We are vulnerable to flooding going through the summer as a result of the higher than usual water levels.

Alex Kirchner

Alex Kirchner

Chief Meteorologist

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