Rockford man vying to become world’s oldest scuba diver

Bill Lambert is 98-years-old, and works hard to stay active and exercise.
“I thought when I was doing a half hour on the bike, I was doing real well.” said Lambert.
However, these days, he is going above and beyond expectations when it comes to using his body.
“When you’re down there, you’re neutral. You have no feeling of weight. ” said Lambert.
You see, Bill is now a certified scuba diver!
“Once I started, I wanted to keep going.” said Lambert.
Bill isn’t just any ole’ scuba diver though, he is vying to break the world record of and become the world’s oldest scuba diver. The record is currently held by a 95-year-old British man.
“It makes me wonder how I ever got into it.” said Lambert.
Being able to scuba dive at his age, is something Bill never thought he’d accomplish.
“I think it’s wonderful, and I enjoy it.” said Lambert.
That’s where Paul Fasano comes in. Paul is the activity director at Bickford Senior Living Center, and in October of 2018, he took Bill to Loves Park Scuba to try it out.
“Bill was a natural. i realized quickly he uses his lungs and his breathing properly, so when we got him in the water he picked up the skills one after the next
When Bill officially breaks the record, Paul already has a plan in mind.
“I said Bill, if it really goes down, for real, I’m buying a few copies and we’re having a book signing.”
So, what’s next in the process to officially break the record?
Bill’s accomplishment was already sent to Guinness World Records. Now, we are just waiting to hear back that it’s verified.
13 News will be sure to update you if Bill breaks it.
Nicole Stein

Nicole Stein

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