Madonna Renewal Center gets ready to welcome expecting mothers

FREEPORT (WREX) – Beds sit empty in the Madonna Renewal Center.

Waiting for expecting moms and eventually newborn babies.

“Come to us, we’ll help you and walk with you every step of the way,” Madonna Renewal Center fundraising chair Colleen Fenn said.

An invitation to pregnant women who without this center would have nowhere to go, and these beds may fill up sooner than later.

“Right now the last we talked to said they may be coming in march, so hopefully that will be our first to come on, in march, we hope!” Sister Mary Theonilla Chukwu said.

The Madonna Renewal Center project was started by the sisters of the immaculate heart of Mary more than four years ago. The center had it’s first open house last June.

However, some confusion over building codes with the city meant it had to hold off welcoming women in need. Now, the nuns say they’re ready.

“We’ve talked to a couple, we’ve talked to eight so far in our local community who are pregnant and living in very deplorable situations,” Sister Theo said.

Along with preparing for their first moms, volunteers are also busy renovating new sections of the Madonna Center.

“Its going to have a library for them, that’s where we have the teddy bear shop for the women and we have an exercise room,” Sister Theo said.

The next project? Fixing the buildings elevator, a project that costs upwards of $180,000

“It’s great exercise for us going up and down, but we know a nine-month pregnant lady is going to struggle at times with that,” Fenn said.

But while there’s still work to do, these nuns and volunteers are on a mission to help moms and their little ones.

The Madonna Renewal Center says it’s still fundraising to get these projects done. And welcomes volunteers to come out and see the renovations.

Taylor Utzig

Taylor Utzig


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