Husband and wife teaching team at Hillman Elementary

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ROCKFORD (WREX) – Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and every day, in the kindergarten department at Hillman Elementary School.

“I love being with the kids and listening to the funny things they have to say, and the hugs, and that’s why I teach kindergarten, I just love the love and attention the kids want and need,” Jaime Doubek, a kindergarten teacher at Hillman said.

She has been teaching kindergarten at Hillman for six years, and so has her husband, Jeff Doubek, whose classroom is right next door to hers.

“The students are kind of obsessed with us being married. Every day one of my students will go ‘ Mr. Doubek, you’re married to Mrs. Doubek,’ and I go I know!,” Jeff said.

The two met at Hillman while applying for the same kindergarten teacher job. Jeff ended up getting the job, and Jaime was already working at the school in a different position. However, she ended up taking over the other kindergarten class, and now the two have been married for almost three years.

Carolyn Kloss, the school principal, said the two are incredible teachers and have some of the best kindergarten test scores in the district.

“Looking at test scores across the district, Jaime and Jeff Doubek have some of the highest test scores in the entire district. And we’ve been wondering why that is happening, number one is they are reflective teachers. There’s not a lesson that they teach that they don’t stop and walk away and say what worked, what didn’t work, what would I change, do differently,” Kloss said.

She said they work in different ways, Jaime is more enthusiastic and energetic, while Jeff is more low-key.

However, the two use each other to become better teachers. Jaime said it can be tough to not always compare herself as a teacher to her husband, but having the same career gives them opportunity to vent and share ideas.

“We can bounce ideas off each other, we can help each other out, if i am going to be gone a day, I know that my classroom is still going to be taken care of because he’s there too,” Jaime said.

She said they even do all their lesson planning together on Sundays.

Jeff said he loves to try new things every day, and having Jaime there allows his to do that.

“Anything i want to do I want to do a little bit better every time, and since she likes working with me, she likes talking with me, she agrees a lot with what I want to try, and maybe other people wouldn’t want to try the same lesson 40 different times,” he said.


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