Neighbors upset over ice covered roads, city says it takes time to melt

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ROCKFORD (WREX) Several neighbors say the roads in their neighborhoods have been a sheet of ice for too long And it’s also creating several problems.

“I went to press the gas and literally just slide down my street,” Shaunna Lowrence, a neighbor near the Kishwaukee Street and Montrose Avenue neighborhood says.

It’s the same story just 10 minutes down the road near the corner of Quincy and Court Street.

“My husband drove around the corner last week and slid into the snow bank because it’s so slick,” Ann Magee, a neighbor in that area says.

“School buses come through here and we’ve got the kids running back and forth and you know that’s a potential accident waiting to happen,” John Talman, a neighbor says.

Neighbors say their roads have been a sheet of ice for almost a week, but the city’s public works director, Mark Stockman, says it takes much longer to get rid of the ice than a normal snowfall.

“It takes 10 times as much salt to melt one inch of ice as it is to melt one inch of snow,” Stockman says.

That means plows have to pass those roads multiple times with salt to try to get that ice to melt. But, several neighbors told 13 News they haven’t seen any salt trucks.

“No salt trucks or nothing coming down this way,” Blanche Stallworth, who lives on Montrose Avenue says. “They’re just keeping the main streets done, but not on the side streets.”

“Once the rain and ice started coming, they’re nowhere to be found,” Talman says.

But, Stockman says many of those salting operations happen overnight.

“Unless you’re sitting in front your picture window eight hours a day or 16 hours a day watching a truck to come by you may not ever know that we were ever there,” he says.

If you would like to report an issue on your street, click here to register a complaint with the city.

Andi TenBarge

Andi TenBarge


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