Rockford yoga studio to offer floatation therapy

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ROCKFORD (WREX) – Forest City Float will be the first place in the Stateline to offer floatation therapy.

Forest City Float is apart of Namaste Studios, a yoga studio in downtown Rockford.

Floatation therapy consists of lying in a pod filled with 200 gallons of water and 1000 lbs of Epsom salt.

“You are going to feel completely weightless. The water temperature is going to be about 93 degrees which is the same temperature as your skin, so you can barely tell where you end and where the water begins,” Namaste Studios and Forest City Float Co-Founder Tami Bogard said.

She said the water in the pods is denser than that of the Dead Sea, so it feels as if you are floating in midair. Customers can choose to listen to music or to be in complete silence, and whether to be in darkness or to leave the lights on.

“Your muscles have never been this relinquished of their job, so you’re going feel some muscle relaxation, some tension release, some anxiety and stress relief, it’s really quite amazing,” Bogard said.

Bogard said there are a lot of people in Rockford who travel to Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison for float therapy, and a lot of people have already expressed excitement for the pods to be ready.

“People are psyched. They can’t wait for us to open. We’ve had a lot of Instagram feedback and Facebook feedback in the last couple of months,” she said. “We’ve had people calling us leaving us messages on Instagram about when are you going to open when are these float tanks going to get here.”

She said she and her husband Ben are very excited to bring this therapy, as well as all of the other services they offer at Namaste, to the community.

“Everybody’s lives are so busy, and hectic, and full. We get the perception that we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves,” Bogard said. “It’s really important to take that time for yourself because it’s going to give you the effect and feeling that you have more time.”

Bogard expects the float pods to be ready for use by March, but customers can begin purchasing float sessions now. 




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