Stand-out science teacher at Jefferson High School

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ROCKFORD (WREX) – The record-breaking cold temperatures in the Stateline mean almost every student is home enjoying a few days off, but even before the cancellations, the weather had some affects on class.

On Tuesday, one Zoology class at Jefferson High School had about half of it’s students because of the ice, snow and freezing temperatures.

But, Angel Cosme’s Zoology class was as well-behaved as ever, even with the anticipation of getting a few days off school.

Cosme said he keeps his classroom in a routine structure so that his students know what is coming and they feel comfortable.
“I do like to run a very disciplined classroom, but we have wiggle room,” he said.  “They have that structure that goes with a disciplined classroom, but at the same time they also know that we have times when they can relax, and have fun, and vent and let out steam if we need to.”
But keeping that structure is not an easy task with so many school cancellations due to dangerous weather.
“It’s really difficult to get a groove, so when we are starting a unit, if we have everybody in the classroom and have everybody on board we can get that momentum going, but yeah with the chopped up weeks like this it’s difficult,” Cosme said.
But, being the great teacher that he is, he was able to keep his students on track. The Zoology students are starting a new lesson on earth worms and sustainability, and they are learning the parts of the worms ahead of eventually dissecting the worms.
The hands-on activities are why one student loves the class.
“I like Zoology because we get to dissect a lot of animals that you wouldn’t normally see, like last week we dissected a squid” student Amiyha Hudson said.
Hudson has Angel Cosme as her teacher for both Zoology and AP Biology, and she said he is such a great teacher because he is always dedicated to answering questions and to his student’s success.
She said Cosme holds after-school help on AP Biology tests, which is very helpful, and he never leaves her hanging when she asks a question.
Hudson said Cosme is also dedicated to serving Jefferson High School beyond the classroom.
“He’s very involved in our school, especially the health academy, he organized the blood drive, and he helped organize an AP lunch,” she said.

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