Winnebago County Board approves power shift from chairman

(WINNEBAGO COUNTY) — The Winnebago County Board votes to shift power away from the chairman and toward county board members amid growing tension within the county board.

The board voted 12-8 Thursday to have the county administrator report directly to the board, instead of directly to Chairman Frank Haney.

County board member Dave Fiduccia (R) District 11 was the board member who lead this push, telling 13 WREX he thinks this will help the board get information more smoothly.

The board went into closed session at Thursday’s meeting to discuss Fiduccia using his private email to discuss the issue.

Keith McDonald (R) 6th District said he originally planned to support Fiduccia’s idea to shift power away from the Chairman Haney but ended up voting against the item because Fiduccia used his private email to discuss public matter.

Chairman Haney told 13 WREX before the meeting Thursday he’s confused about why the change is needed.

“Nobody seems to be able to articulate the problem we’re really trying to solve. How things would be better tomorrow if a change went through—that’s weird to me,” Haney said. That never made sense and until it can be articulated in a thoughtful manner I don’t know if it’s the best thing going forward.”

The county board also approved a measure to create a land bank. The county now joins Rockford and Belvidere in the agreement to combat blight. Boone County still needs to decide on whether to approve the measure.

Breane Lyga

Breane Lyga

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