Rockford woman uses 210 pound weight-loss to inspire others with New Year’s resolutions

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Weight loss is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions people make. It’s also one of the resolutions most likely to fail. One Rockford woman was determined to succeed at her weight loss goal and now she wants to help make sure others succeed too.

“At 455 pounds I was not a happy person,” said Laura Anderson.

Anderson started 2017 overweight and miserable. But she wasn’t going to finish the year that way.

“I was determined to lose the weight,” she said.

She had to come to a painful realization, however, that she alone could not accomplish her goal.

“I always thought I could do it myself and I got to the point where I was like I can’t. I’m getting emotional, I can’t do it myself,” said Anderson.

The Rockford native joined a weight loss program and almost instantly saw success.

“At the end of my first week I lost 15 pounds and then at the end of my first month I lost 31 pounds,” she said.

Thirty-one pounds eventually became 210 pounds. Anderson lost nearly half of her body weight. But her motivation to press on came in successes you can’t see on a scale. Traveling, wearing smaller clothes, even being able to cross her legs all continue to motivate her to stay the course.

Anderson says the hard part for many is the time it takes accomplishing a weight loss goal, even after two years, she’s still working towards hers.

“I still have 70 pounds to hit my weight loss goal, 2019 is the year for that,” she said.

Now a health coach herself, she wants people who are in the same boat she was in to know they’re not alone.

“If my story can help people realize that they can do it too, that’s what motivates me,” said Anderson. “You can do this too, it’s possible.”

Kristin Crowley

Kristin Crowley

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