Rockford goes after a handful of dilapidated buildings with legal action

ROCKFORD (WREX) — The nursing home off of North Main Street, Essex, New Fellowship Baptist Church and the Midway Theater all have one thing in common.

The city says it has several pending legal cases against those property owners.

“I see these things all the time around the city because i travel quite a bit in my business,” Guy Spinello, the owner of Spinello Locksmith & Security Integrators says.

Spinello’s locksmith company is just a block away from the New Fellowship Baptist Church. He says he’s fed up with seeing that pile of rubble. And, the city is on the same page not only with that property, but with several others around town.

“We don’t care who you are,” Rockford’s Mayor Tom McNamara says. “We don’t care what organization you’re affiliated with. If you are dragging down the property value for your street, for your neighborhood, for our community and your property is not up to code, we’re going to come after you.”

The city says it doesn’t plan on stopping there.

“In the long-term if we have to increase the intensity to put the pressure on to resolve the issue, we’re going to do it,” Rockford’s City Attorney Nicholas Meyers says.

McNamara says the city is planning to target any area that either sits in a main corridor and has been abandoned or dilapidated for too long. It’s that aggressiveness to get those areas cleaned up Spinello says he’s happy to see.

“There is a lot of people who have put a lot of effort in this part of the community to make it what it is and we don’t need anything laying around like that,” Spinello says.

Andi TenBarge

Andi TenBarge


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