Winnebago County Animal Services offers multiple discounted adoption events, humane societies worry about impact

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WREX) — Getting pets a free or discounted rate is becoming a new trend in Winnebago County.

“(We) really try to understand a person’s home, what they’re looking for in a pet and then try to fit them with a cat or a dog that fits with that lifestyle in their family,” Brett Frazier, the Executive Director of Winnebago County Animal Services says.

Frazier took over animal services back in August. Since then, his team held nearly half a dozen events where anyone could come in and take home a pet either for free or at a discounted price.

Frazier says its WCAS’s way of cutting down the euthanasia rate in Winnebago County and getting those animals through the shelter faster.

“If a pet spends 20 or 30 days in an animal shelter, it’s far more likely to get sick. Its it’s far more at risk of euthanasia,” He says.

But, some local humane societies say giving those animals away with little investment may lead to them winding up in homes that aren’t ready to take in a pet.

“I know during one of the events that went on out there, I know by Monday, we were getting phone calls to take those animals in,” Stephanie Lauer, the executive director of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary says.

Lauer says she is already noticing an influx of animals coming its way because of those events. On Friday, she says her group already took in 10 animals when it normally only gets about two or three a day.

“We’re taking more from the community now than we ever have before,” Lauer says.

Lauer goes on to say that is causing some humane societies to run out of room for those animals. Paws Humane Society says it has roughly 100 cats on a waiting list right now to get into its facility.

It says the longer it takes to get those animals in, the more damage it can do to their well being.

“When we find them, they are missing a leg, they’re emaciated, they’re sick,” Sue Golan, the board president for Paws Humane Society says.

Andi TenBarge

Andi TenBarge


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