Students write letters to nominate their teacher for Teacher of the Week

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LOVES PARK (WREX) – Fourth grade students at Rock Cut Elementary did something very special to show their teacher they love her, and to nominate her for the Teacher of the Week award.

Each of Mary Anderson’s twenty students wrote a letter without her knowing, detailing why she is deserving of the award.

“Mrs. Anderson should be your teacher of the week because she is super funny. She is also very smart. Another reason is that she acts like a friend no matter what we do,” student Emily Harrington said in her letter.

And a lot of the students had a lot to say about their teacher. The paraprofessional teacher in her classroom, Jen LaPier, said the students wanted to keep writing more about Anderson, but they ran out of time. She said the students were able to keep the secret for over a month.

“Mrs. Anderson is the best teacher ever,” student Ashlee Schroeder said. “She never yells very loud at us. She’s funny, she’s kind, nice, sweet, respectful.”

Alaina Bruck said she likes the projects that Anderson gives them to do, like using clay to make land forms.

“She reads cool books like Harry Potter and Wonder, she lets us watch the Magic School Bus,” Bruck said. “Mrs. Anderson is the best teacher ever.”

The students were ecstatic when they learned the news that their teacher had won the award. But, the kind gesture of going above and beyond to make sure their teacher knows she is appreciated is something the students learn everyday in Anderson’s classroom.

“I really think kindness is the key. If we are kind, then it spreads, kindness spreads. So, I try to teach that every day,” Anderson said.

The message of kindness is a theme all over her classroom, and she even holds a morning meeting with her students to teach them a social skill.

“One time she taught us about kindness and empathy,” Harrington said. “You always need to be kind no matter what and you need to be respectful to everyone.”

Anderson said she likes to add in societal skills to her curriculum because she feels it’s not always something children are taught at home, and she hopes to mold her students into good people.

“I like to reinforce it here that it’s a big world out there, and we all need to know how to get a long, and I really think the whole kindness aspect is a big part of their schooling,” she said.

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