Protesters gather in Rockford after Jeff Sessions’ resignation as Attorney General

ROCKFORD (WREX) – A day after Jeff Sessions resigned as Attorney General, several people gathered in Rockford Thursday night to protest President Donald Trump and support special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

The protest took place at Joe Marino Park. This was one of multiple protests going on not just in the region, but across the country. Protests were also scheduled to take place the same day in Beloit, DeKalb and Dixon.

Sessions resigned from his position at the request of President Trump on Wednesday. One factor that is believed to have led to the resignation is when Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. President Trump named Matthew Whitaker, who was Sessions’ Chief of Staff, the acting Attorney General. In the past, Whitaker has been a critic of Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue,” said Barb Verni-Lau, who is with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. “It’s an issue of our democracy and we need to come together and we need to take to the streets. This happened once before under Nixon. It didn’t work then, and it’s not going to work now.”

Protests have also taken place in other locations such as Washington, South Florida, and Times Square.

Nick Landi

Nick Landi

News Producer

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