Freeport tattoo artists gives free tattoos to cover women’s mastectomy scars

One local tattoo artist from Freeport is giving away free tattoos to cover up women’s breast cancer scars.

October marks breast cancer awareness month and one tattoo artist has found a way to give back, in honor of his wife, Renee.

Renee Adams knows all too well what battling breast cancer looks and feels like. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer that caused her to go through chemotherapy, radiation, and even get a double mastectomy.

“I have battle scars and I’m comfortable with that, but a lot of women aren’t,” Wife, Renee Adams said.

Since some women aren’t comfortable with their scars, Renee’s husband, Thom Adams decided to find a way to make those women feel more beautiful in their own skin, knowing the battle they had been through.

“I offered it just as a one time thing but it felt so good doing it.. that I just decided to do it,” Dungeon Tattoo Shop Owner, Thom Adams said.

Adams began giving out free tattoos to cover up their scars and help restore each woman’s confidence.

“She actually started showing just utter happiness just after one session,” Adams said.

It took nearly nine sessions to complete a full frontal piece for one woman, and dozens of hours to complete a work of art for her to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Thom says each time the woman came back to the shop, he would notice changes in her attitude and confidence towards herself, and believed the tattoo was making a lasting impact.

“When you look in the mirror, no one wants to be uncomfortable with their own bodies. If you can make somebody feel pretty again and still feel like the femininity isn’t gone just because you had to remove apart of you, it makes you feel good again,” Renee Adams said.

Being able to turn a negative reminder into a confidence booster for women who battled breast cancer.

“The next time she came back she told me how much more comfortable it was for her to take her shirt off, even in front of her husband,” Adams said.

Covering up a scar with a work of art to empower each woman who fought and won their battle.

“It really makes me feel like Iv’e accomplished something, you know, being apart of their life,” Adams said.

Thom says he already has done tattoos on two women in the past six months and is preparing sketches for a third. He says some of the tattoos he’s given for free can cost upwards of $2,000.

If you know anyone who is interested in getting a free tattoo to cover their mastectomy scars, you can contact Thom Adams at Dungeon Tattoo’s at  (815) 233-1519

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Megan Hedstrom

Megan Hedstrom


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