Rockford Police using nuisance abatement vehicle in more locations

The Rockford Police Department is working to deploy its nuisance abatement vehicle in more locations around Rockford.

The Rockford Police Department received the nuisance abatement vehicle in 2015, in order to help deter crime in the Rockford area. But now, this military-grade vehicle is more visible.

The vehicle has 360-degrees of video surveillance set up around it, and it’s being set up around town in hopes of deterring crime in Rockford neighborhoods.

“We’ve been using the vehicle quite frequently for some of our problem areas. Its a good deterrent for us to set something up,” Rockford Police Assistant Deputy Chief, Andre Brass said.

This nuisance abatement vehicle is now more visible around the community because police are finding new places to park it and monitor each week. The goal is to move it around so people don’t get comfortable and the vehicle is able to make its presence known.

“We’re trying to figure out different methods to help some of these neighborhoods plagued with problems and this is one way we can do it so we will get it out as often as we can,” Brass said.

Most recently. the vehicle was parked near where police call high crime areas, such as Sablewood drive and at the Citgo gas station on Auburn and Johnston streets.

“During the middle of the summer we ran into issues of crowds of people gathering up in the parking lot,” Citgo Gas Station Owner, Dustin Olson said.

It’s an on-going issue that both Olson and the Rockford Police Department are working to tackle by placing the nuisance abatement vehicle in the parking lot for several days.

“I’m grateful to see that door is open and hopefully we can work together in the future to make the whole community a safe place and not just my location,” Olson said.

However, Olson says there is still progress to be made around the community but says seeing this vehicle out and about is a step in the right direction.

“It’s not necessarily a solution, we have to continue to work together and find out what works best for the situation,” Olson said.

The Rockford Police Department says it typically moves the vehicle to different locations every few days to ensure multiple areas are getting proper coverage.

nuisance abatement vehicle
Megan Hedstrom

Megan Hedstrom


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