Rockford woman raises money for her 40th birthday

ROCKFORD (WREX) – One Rockford woman celebrated her 40th birthday with a big party on Thursday. The gift she asked for? Donations.

Alicia Neubauer, who is the co-owner of Ground Floor Skateboards, has been battling breast cancer for a year. Her goal was to raise $40,000 for cancer research. The party was held at The Standard in downtown Rockford.

“I’m very happy,” Neubauer said. “I think I’m a little bit numb because I’ve just been working so hard towards this goal for the last month and a half, even while I’m still on chemotherapy.”

The party included food and entertainment for those who bought a ticket.

“I believe that we’re put on this earth to make the world a better place,” Neubauer said. “So in whatever small way I can make a difference, I’m going to try and bring joy. I’m going to try and spread positivity. I’m going to try and raise awareness. I’m going to elevate others. I’m going to inspire optimism.”

At least around 400 people bought a ticket for the party and Neubauer says at least $35,000 was raised.

Nick Landi

Nick Landi

News Producer

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