Group salvages pieces of historic church before demolition

ROCKFORD (WREX)- What used to house people worshiping, is now home to broken glass, pews, and some of Rockford’s homeless population.

St. Luke’s Church of God has fallen into disrepair, especially after a fire this summer.

“A lot of churches came here and had fellowship,” said Rev. Maurice West, who has ties to the church and the former pastor.

After the fire, the chances of anyone ever preaching at the pulpit in St. Luke’s again were slim to none.

“The building served its purpose,” Rev. West added.

SecondFirst Church bought the property a few weeks ago, and decided to demolish it soon.In the meantime, a company called MainFraiM will salvage what it can.

“We try to remember what stories these buildings have and the craftsmanship that has gone into the materials and whatnot that it took to build this church,” said MainFraiM Owner Jeremy Klonicki.

Klonicki and his crew will take what they can from the inside to use the materials in other projects.

“I just live about ten blocks from here, so it is important for me to have a cleaned up neighborhood,” he added. “So, to be able to take these materials out and give them new life is extremely important to me.”




James Stratton

James Stratton

Evening News Anchor

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