Inspiring 815: Carl Cole

Carl Cole has loved music his whole life, even turning it into a career as an adult.

“I love music. I’m a professional musician. I sing, play piano and write songs.” said Cole.

But it’s how he got his start, that put him on the right track for his future.

“When my father passed when I was 12 years old, I had to grow up fast.” said Cole.

That’s why he decided to combine his love for music, into helping others.

“Music certainly makes a connect with all races all cultures. Also music is how we learn a lot of things faster.” said Cole.

So he started the “YES Club”. It stands for ‘Young Eagles Success’, and it helps children from kindergarten through 12th grade stay on a positive track in life.

“It’s a character excellence program that gives young people a support system, so that they can help themselves to be better students, citizens and leaders.” said Cole.

Seeing Carl connect with these students is something Carl’s wife, Dianna Cole, loves.

“I think that our hearts are very similar, he has a much more passionate way of sharing his.” said Dianna.

Without him, Dianna says she likely would’ve never helped children the way she does now.

“He gives me certainly a specific way to help with the YES Club. And I think there’s no better way to help the world than helping our young people.” said Dianna.

Carl Cole, inspiring 815. one “YES” at a time.

Nicole Stein

Nicole Stein

Morning News Anchor

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