Poplar Grove publishing company releasing horror books

POPLAR GROVE (WREX) – Do you love Halloween and all things spooky? You’ll love this story too.

Tales of Wonder and Dread Publishing, which is based in Poplar Grove, will be releasing its first three books on Tuesday. They are titled Life Blood: A Collection of Vampire Tales, Spooky Rockford: Creepy Tales in the Greater Forest City Area and Strange Realities: Collected Short Stories and More. Strange Realities will be an expanded and revised edition that includes five new fiction tales. Many of the stories in Spooky Rockford have ties to the Stateline.

“It’s kind of cool to document all of that stuff so that you can look back on it and remember things that are no longer around,” said Gary Hill, who is the author of Life Blood and Strange Realities  as well as a contributor in Spooky Rockford. “As far as the spooky stuff, I think everybody just likes to get a chill down their spine once in a while. And whether the stories are true or not, it’s just fun.”

Hill will be making an appearance at a book signing on Saturday, Sept. 22 from 12 – 2 p.m. at Katie’s Cup in Rockford. He will be joined by other contributors for the books and will have copies of them to sign.

The books will be available at different book retailers as well as websites like Amazon and Lulu.

Nick Landi

Nick Landi

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