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The professional representation that WREX presents will not only allow you and your business to thrive in our area, but with the massive audience that WREX touches, your customer base will continuously grow. and WREX on air embodies the perfect team of full media coverage. With packages that offer television time as well as internet ad placement, you’re sure to reach all possible customers with information they need, in the medium in which they desire. Also, cross references by the WREX News Team drives viewers to where your business’ coverage continues.

With, you can:

• Sponsor content and sections of which are likely to attract your target customer.
• Increase brand exposure with targeted video ads, flash ads and other sponsorship opportunities.
• Drive potential customers to your web site through links and interactive media from WREXcom.
• Advertise your message 24 hours a day or time your messages to run during specific time periods.
• Keep track of your success with reports provided by the WREX team.

To find out more about how you can expand your customer base through interactive, effective Internet advertisement, please call General Sales Manager Kim Carney at 815-335-7789.

Audrey Moon

Audrey Moon

Asst. News Director

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