Roscoe Police move into new police station after controversy over project funding

After nearly three years, the Roscoe Police Department is moving into it’s brand new building. 

"I don’t think it’s really sunk in. we keep saying that it has, but I don’t think it really has yet until we start actually functioning everyday through here, I don’t think it’s going to feel real yet," Roscoe’s Police Chief Jamie Evans says. "We’ve waited so long and it’s been such a long process." 

This project came with some controversy over how to pay for it. Some village leaders were worried about funding a roughly $2 million police station while the village was still paying off a new village hall.  

"We have limited dollars so it just comes down to what you can actually afford," David Krienke, Roscoe Village President says.   

But village leaders compromised relying on gaming revenue to cover the cost. Part of the new additions to the station include a family room which will be used to give families privacy in one location when dealing with the police department. 

"It’s something people don’t think of, but when a tragedy occurs everyone gathers to a place where they think they’re going to get the answers they need at that moment," Evans says.  

Officers will also have a brand new place to store evidence. 
Part of that new addition includes more fluid way to process evidence and more shelf space to store it. 

While village leaders don’t think they’ll use it all at once, they hope it’s one of several spaces the department can grow into. 

"This should take us for many years," Krienke says. "There’s room for growth in this building." 

Roscoe Police says it will still rely on Rockton to process arrests for the next week. After that, they will come directly to the Roscoe Police Department. 



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