Belvidere church vandalized with racial slur, offensive symbol

A Belvidere church is vandalized with graffiti, depicting an offensive image and racial slur. 

"This idea that we’re gonna marginalize someone else is a horrible, horrible thing. We just simply have to stop and understand that making someone else less doesn’t make us greater," said  Pastor Scott Stolberg with Zion Lutheran Church. 

Stolberg said a church worker found the vulgar Tuesday morning and right away painted over it. A car in Belvidere was also tagged with similarly vulgar language. Stolberg said he doesn’t know if it was left by a kid who thought it was funny or by a person who was angry, but either way he said it can be a teaching moment for the church. 

"You get angry and that doesn’t get us anywhere. So my initial feelings, no matter how potent they were and how offended I was by what I saw, doesn’t take us to the next step to healing. So how do we as a community come together and support each other?" he said. 

Stolberg said since the vandalism, many people throughout the community have reached out in support of the church and offered to pay for the clean-up of the graffiti. 

The church invites any and everyone to come to service on Thursday Sunday and to come to a community meal Wednesday night. That meal is from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church on 1300 Pearl St. 



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