Machesney Park movie theater could soon sell liquor

It’s a growing trend around the country, alcohol on the menu at movie theaters. 

And now Machesney Park might be the next community jumping on board 

"Approximately three months ago we were approached by AMC Theaters about creating a liquor license that would fit with their operation," Machesney Park Village Administrator Tim Savage said.

On Monday, the board plans to vote on the change, something that if passed would allow you the option of choosing beer, wine or liquor as your movie refreshment.

"It’s a trend, we want our business to stay prosperous," Machesney Park Village Board Trustee Joe Seipts said.

"We’ll go see a movie, order a beer and experience it for themselves," Trustee James Kidd said.

Kidd is one trustee in favor of the idea. It’s an opinion he formed after visiting a theater that serves alcohol two years ago. 

"It was classy, it was respectful, you could just tell it was a decent place," Kidd said. 

However, Kidd and other trustees still have questions about how it would all work, including if serving alcohol fits with the family-friendly atmosphere of a movie theater. 

"If there’s a movie playing after 2 a.m., you know moving starts at midnight, movie ends at 2:30 in the morning, well, then we might want to close the alcohol sales at 11 p.m. or something like that," Kidd said.

"One of the questions I have is, how are we going to keep it out of the hands of the minors?," Seipts asked. 

But despite those questions, trustees we spoke to say they’re willing to work with the theater.

"We’ll give them a chance and see what happens," Seipts said.

If the board approves the new class of liquor license Monday, June 18, Machesney Park officials say you could see alcohol served at its AMC as early as August. 

The theater has not applied for the official license yet.



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