Many find a way to beat the heat with some ice cream

With temperatures in the 90s, many are heading to the ice cream shops to find a way to cool down.

Hundreds made their way to Dairyhaus this weekend to find some relief in the sweaty and steamy temperatures. There were dozens of flavors for everyone to try, and enjoy in the shaded outdoor seating area.

"Ice cream is a great way to cool down," Dairyhaus customer, Vince Schaefer said. "She got the strawberry and chocolate because I think she wanted to leave the best for last,"

Schaefer and his daughter made their way around town for a motorcycle ride, and made a pit stop to spend some time together on Father’s Day to enjoy some ice cream.

"It’s a good way to interact with your children and have a little special time," Schaefer said.

For other customers, eating ice cream on a scorching hot day has been a long standing tradition. For customer, Seth Nygren, being able to continue that tradition with his daughter is something special to him.

"I grew up eating Dairyhaus when I was a kid when it was hot, so we wanted to bring our daughter to enjoy the same ice cream that I had when I was growing up," Nygren said.

The ice cream business is a seasonal attraction, and weekends with heat like the Stateline is experiencing, is a big plus for business.

"Any time it’s super hot, like in the 90s, people are focusing on the things that make them cool," Dairyhaus Owner, Brent Murray said.

However, there are a few downsides to eating ice cream in the blazing heat, one of those, is how fast it melts.

"Everybody seems in fast forward when they are eating it because the melt effect is so much more prominent this time of year," Murray said.

The Dairyhaus says throughout the weekend, hundreds of customers came through their doors for some ice cream.



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