Neighbors react to deadly domestic violence incident in South Beloit

Neighbors says they’re in shock after learning of a domestic violence incident in which police say a man shot his father then took his own life.

The incident happened at a home in the 2200 block of Blackhawk Blvd. just after midnight Sunday morning.

Police say a 34 year-old man shot and killed his 64 year-old father, then turned the gun on himself. Officers say they found the body of the 64 year-old in a tent in the backyard along with two small children.

This news has left some neighbors in the community in disbelief, and shaken from an incident that took place so close to home.

"You think it’s going to happen somewhere else," neighbor Donald Ergen said. "You’re in a quiet neighborhood, nothing happens around here, we never get anything stolen. The only excitement we get are accidents and to have something like this happen, it’s overwhelming." 

Ergen says he has been a neighbor of the family for over 30 years, and used to work with the 64 year-old father who was allegedly shot and killed.

"I’m still having trouble believing that it really happened. I worked with him for 19 years," Ergen said. "Especially when you see them two, three times a week, and now… it’s no more."

Beverly Moore, another nearby neighbor, says she woke up to all the noise outside her house early Sunday morning.

"I was asleep and then all the sudden, the flashing red and blue and white lights came into my window," Moore said. "Then bang, I heard four shots and I thought, oh my God," 

That’s when Moore said she realized that first responders were on scene for the shooting that involved two of her neighbors, whose names we aren’t releasing at this time out of respect for family members who are still being notified.

"It’s been a very predominant family in South Beloit for a long time, so this has got to be a lot go shock for people in this town," Moore said.

Neighbors also say they empathize with the children who police say were present at the time of the deadly shooting.

"It’s a terrifying thing for a child and they need a lot of help to get through it and recover from it," Moore said.

13 News will continue to follow this story and update it with any new information once it becomes available.



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