Paddle board yoga brings together the great outdoors and exercise

Finding a new and unique way to enjoy the outdoors can be tough, but this morning a group hit the water to give paddle board yoga a shot.

The group went out on Windsor Lake in Rockford earlier Sunday morning to find their inner balance and become one with nature. It was a class of five students and an instructor from Namaste Studios who got out on the water to practice some yoga.

"The sights and the sounds and how calm you are when you get out there, it just all works together to have a great experience," Namaste Yoga Instructor, Tami Bogard said.

Paddle board yoga is a combination of balance on the paddle board and a mind body connection through yoga. The beginning of the two hour class began with gaining balance on the paddle boards and taking time to explore around the lake. The second half of the class was all about the yoga and being able to maintain balance while practicing moves on the board.

"It gets you out in nature, it allows you to experience yoga at the same time and combining them together makes it a really amazing experience," Bogard said.

However, for some finding their balance may not come naturally right off the bat. The paddle board provides a sense of instability that often times can make people fall into the water. Laura Gallagher says it was her first time taking a class like this.

"I’ve never really done yoga, and I’ve never really done stand up paddle boarding," Gallagher said. "It’s fun I just found my limits and I tried to stay within those on the board so I wouldn’t fall,"

Gallagher says although she lacked experience, she was able to stable herself as the class went on, and she gained more confidence.

"The warrior pose where you are stretched out was more challenging, but knowing you could do it with the simpler poses, then you find your balance in the more challenging ones," Gallagher said.

The class is a way to enjoy the great outdoors, taking in the scenery, while getting in a workout and gaining more balance than before.

"Just being outside, being in nature, it’s such a draw. Being upside down in the poses and looking underneath is just gorgeous," Gallagher said.

If you are interested in joining one of these classes throughout the summer click HERE for more information on Rocktown Adventures website.



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