Hundreds rally in Rockford’s March For Our Lives event

"We are tired," Alondra Lavarigea, a student at East High School says.  "I am tired." 

Lavarigea is just one of thousands of students who say they are fed up with the growing number of mass shooting across the country. Now, they’re making sure lawmakers in Springfield and on Capitol Hill can hear them loud and clear. 

"Get on board or we will vote you out," Simon Davis, yells at Rockford’s March For Our Lives rally. "Enough is enough." 

It’s all part of the March For Our Lives Event, a nationwide movement that comes after the deadly Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead.  Davis, a junior at East High School, says the news disgusted him but he was even more horrified that he wasn’t surprised by it.

That’s why this Saturday, he’s speaking out. 

"I shouldn’t be desensitized for this. I shouldn’t be living in a society that tells people oh it’s normal for you to be shot at school," he says. "That’s not okay." 

That massacre prompted school walkouts across our area earlier this month and now the students who helped organize that protest say they want to make an even bigger spectacle.

"These are problems that should’ve been figured out a long time ago and it’s a shame that we’re still trying to figure them out now," says Rachell Alvarado a senior at East High School.  

So what exactly do they want to see changed? For one, these student want lawmakers to create stricter gun laws.

"We are going to make a change for the next generation because we are tired of being sitting ducks, being targets at school, a place that we sometimes call home a place where we are suppose to be safe," Lavarigea says.  



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