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Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois is offering free memberships for 2022

Dontrel-Brown (8)

ROCKFORD (WREX)-If your daughter is part of Girls Scouts, she can return to the group and have her membership for next year paid for.

It's part of this year's gift for Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois. If your daughter decides to renew her membership.

Her membership fee for 2022 will be paid for by Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois.

All you have to do is go to the My Girl Scouts account and choose program credits as a payment method. This also applies to adult members.

"We are very excited to be able to do that for our families because, this way, we know our girls are benefiting and our leadership programs that we offer virtually and in person throughout our communities and nationwide," Jen Camplain, Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois Volunteer Manager.

The deadline to sign up and have membership paid for is May 12.

Maximillian Boudreaux

Web Producer

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