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Local Jersey Mike’s restaurant donates more than $28,000 to Literacy Council

Jersey Mike's Fundraiser

ROCKFORD (WREX)-This year's month of giving was record-breaking one for The Jersey Mike's restaurants in the Rockford and Machesney area.

"We planned on it probably being 75 percent more than back in 2019 and it was 100 to 150 percent more. So it was surprising, but it was a great sense of pride," Mark Michalak, owner of Jersey Mike's restaurant in Rockford and Machesney Park.

During the month of March Jersey Mike's locations in the Rockford and Machesney Park raised more than $28,000 dollars for the Literacy Council.

This year's fund raising campaign broke the record by more than $14,000 dollars. The money will help the Literacy Council continue to help people improve their reading and writing skills.

"I think they recognize the need for our mission with the Literacy Council to help people improve their reading and writing skills so that they can improve their lives. They can make a better life for their family," Bill Grennell, The Literacy Council Executive Director.

If you would like to still help the Literacy Council is looking for volunteers.

Maximillian Boudreaux

Web Producer

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