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COVID-19 vaccine may soon be available for young teens


ROCKFORD (WREX) — Pfizer released a report Wednesday that the vaccine is safe and 100 percent effective for teens 12 to 15, marking another medical advancement during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Researchers recently figured out that among the thousands of volunteers, there were no COVID-19 cases among the kids ages 12 between 15. The data has yet to be peer reviewed. Parents and teens should get the vaccine once it's available according to a SwedishAmerican Hospital Pharmacist.

"This should be adding to the evidence, that should be providing some assurances to parents that it is ok to give this vaccine to not only our adult population, but our pediatric population as well," says Thomas Carey, Director of Pharmacy.

The COVID-19 vaccine is only authorized in the U.S. for people ages 16 and older right now.

Maximillian Boudreaux

Web Producer

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