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Rocktown Adventures encourages Thanksgiving outdoors through demonstration


ROCKFORD (WREX) — Rocktown Adventures took to Facebook for store demonstrations just in time for Thanksgiving.

On Friday, the business offered a virtual cooking demonstration. It encourages the community to put a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving feast and take it safely to go while enjoying the many trails in the area. The outdoor retailer discussed outdoor equipment like stoves, how to store supplies like pots and pans and more.

"With limited recreational opportunities they are kind of being forced to go outside and they are realizing that maybe some of the barriers they thought existed to them in engaging in outdoor recreational activities actually don't exist or they are very small and easy to overcome," said Rocktown Adventures General Manager Kevin Versino.

Rocktown Adventures says getting outdoors has benefits on mental and physical health. It hopes more people will expand their knowledge and level of activity during these times.

Nick Landi

Nick Landi is a News Producer at 13 WREX. He has worked at WREX in that role since joining the station in 2018. He is a graduate of Illinois State University.

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