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Pritzker: Illinois has seen ‘massive uptick’ in vote by mail requests


WATCH LIVE: Illinois Governor JB Pritzker provides an update on COVID-19 in the state.

Posted by WREX-TV on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

CHICAGO (WREX) — Illinois Governor JB Pritzker says the pandemic has led to an increase in vote by mail requests in the state.

The governor made mention of the vote by mail requests during a press conference on Wednesday in Chicago.

Not only has the state seen what the governor called a "massive uptick" in vote by mail requests, but the state is seeing a shortage of election judges by the "thousands."

Gov. Pritzker is calling on additional funds to help both of these issues.

"I'm calling on the board to use $4 million in Help America Vote Act funds to develop an emergency grant program that will further subsidize and incentivize the use of drop boxes, support local efforts to recruit election judges and address other issues," said Gov. Pritzker.

The governor emphasized that we've never faced an election during a pandemic of this size.

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