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Hazy sky lingers while temperatures change a lot this week

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ROCKFORD (WREX) — We'll see a lot of change in the temperature this week thanks to a series of warm and cold front. What won't change is the sky overhead. Look for a lot of sunshine, filtered through wildfire smoke.

Smoky and hazy:

Intense wildfires burning up and down Washington, Oregon, and California last for a while this week. Smoke from those fires hitches a ride on the jet stream, and hovers overhead all week.

A smoky to hazy sky lingers all week.

The smoke leads to a hazy or milky looking sky for much of this week. The smoke forecast doesn't show any signs of clearing, so the scene likely won't change for a while.

Despite the smoke, the air quality remains good for the most part this week.

Thankfully for us in the Midwest, there's little to no impacts near the ground. The air quality forecast stays good to moderate, so most people won't notice a difference in air quality. If you don't feel bothered by the air, particularly on Wednesday, stay inside with the windows closed as much as possible. Sunrises and sunsets may be extra brilliant due to the wildfire smoke, so keep an eye out for those on clear mornings and evenings. We may see plenty of those this week.

Quiet weather pattern:

After 7 straight days with rainfall, we may get an equally long or longer stretch with dry weather. High pressure moves in multiple times this week, keeping the weather quiet and dry. If it weren't for the smoke, we would have a clear and sunny sky on top of all this.

Temperatures jump between the 60's and 80's this week and next week.

While the sky doesn't change, temperature will be all over the place. A weak warm front and breezy winds boost temperatures into the low 80's Tuesday and Wednesday. This will be the first time in the 80's in about 10 days. By Thursday, however, a cold front slips through and drop temperatures into the 60's. We could be in the low 60's by Friday. The weekend then reverses course and warms back into the 70's. We may see more back and forth weather between the upper 70's and the low 60's next week.

Alex Kirchner

Alex Kirchner is the Chief Meteorologist at 13 WREX. He joined the 13 Weather Authority in 2014 and brings over a decade of forecasting experience to the weather department. Alex earned Certified Broadcast Meteorologist recognition from the American Meteorological Society, and his work at WREX earned him a Best TV Weathercaster award from the Illinois Broadcasters Association and a regional Emmy.

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