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Sunshine is arriving to the Stateline for the holiday

ROCKFORD (WREX) — High pressure dominates the Mid-west leading to a quiet, but partially cloudy evening. A trend of quiet weather, but hot temperatures are on the agenda for the holiday weekend. So heat safely might be something to keep in mind.


The rest of Thursday night will remain quiet and starting to clear out. Cloud cover might pack in a little of the heat from early today, but lows should still manage to fall into the 60's early Friday morning. Winds begin to calm out of the northeast keeping the air stagnant and slightly humid. Thankfully, damp air is our biggest concern versus eastward of Rockford where there is an Air Quality Warning for the Chicago Metropolitan through Saturday night. Any travels with sensitivities to air quality might want to be extra cautious.

Starting Friday, we see begin to see the sunshine take place as cloud cover slides out of the region overnight. However, this sets us up for a new concern of our own to focus on.


We are cranking up the heat for temperatures starting Friday. The 90's have continued to be the focus of the forecast for the start of July. However, we didn't quite reach 90 in Rockford for Thursday. Highs just feel short of 90° leaving us on the cooler side of the threshold as a precursor to the rest of the week. Highs heat up into the lower 90's once again on Friday. Sadly, this will not be the only chance. More heat is in store for the Stateline as the holiday and onward take on the 90's as well.

Heat index values will also climb despite the lacking dew points. Most days stay fairly close to our temperatures. However, it is still important to keep in mind key heat safety tips. Stay hydrated, stay indoors as much as possible, and never leave pets or dogs unattended in the car.

Heat index values sit in the 90's for the holiday weekend.


Well, there are small chances of rain in the forecast for Friday as a mid-level system pushes southward out of Wisconsin. This could lead to isolated shower coverage Friday after. Convection quickly dies as sunset arrives. Showers and storms will make a greater appearance to kick off the next work week, so enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

Rain is returning to the Stateline by the next work week.

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Tommie Owens

Tommie is the Weekend Meteorologist for 13 WREX. He graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Meteorology in 2017. Tommie joined the team in November 2018.

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