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Three people rescued after boat capsizes in Rock River

ROCKTON (WREX) — The Rockton Fire Protection District is calling a situation a "close call" after a boat capsized with three people on Sunday.

Around 1 p.m. Sunday, fire officials said the situation happened in the Rock River.

Authorities say the water vessel of a boat was having mechanical issues and heavy currents pushed the boat into some trees and the boat capsized in the water.

The people in the boat did not have time to use any flotation devices and went directly into the water, according to fire officials.

Crew said one person was able to swam to shore and another had cling to the trees while the third person on the boat floated down stream.

Officials say there were two Good Samaritans in another boat on the water who went to help and rescued the other two boaters.

The capsized boat was recovered by emergency crews. No one needed medical attention.

Devin Brooks

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